Adult Health Check & Immunization

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Adult Health Check

Shibuya Medical Association conducts the following medical examinations at its member medical institutions.
To monitor your health, do not hesitate to take advantage of our health checks.

Shibuya Ward residents with National Health Insurance

Free medical checkup covered by National Health Insurance 

We organize free health checkups twice a year for Shibuya Ward residents between the ages of 18 and 39 (born between April 1, 1981 and April 1, 2003) who are covered by National Health Insurance.

Note: Only one free health checkup is allowed per person per year.

National Health Insurance Office, Accounting SectionTEL: 03-3463-1768

Shibuya Ward Special Health Examination 

Applicable to residents of Shibuya Ward who meet the following requirements between the ages of 40 and 74 (born between April 1, 1946 and March 31, 1981) who are covered by the Shibuya Ward National Health Insurance.

Applicable to residents who have renewed their enrollment in the Shibuya Ward National Health Insurance system as of April 1, 2020.

The special health checkup and special health counseling are designed to prevent and improve metabolic syndrome, which is the first stage in the development of lifestyle-related diseases, by focusing on health management before medical treatment becomes necessary. Fees for the special medical checkup are fully covered, so please do not hesitate to visit us.

Consultation period

Coupons are sent out individually by June, August, and mid-November in time for each consultation period.

Note: Residents who have joined the system in the middle of the fiscal year after moving to the ward or for other reasons, can apply for the health checkup only if they wish to do so (however, they must not have had a similar health checkup in the same fiscal year).

Note: The following people cannot apply:

  • People who lost their qualification for the Shibuya Ward National Health Insurance before the checkup
  • Pregnant women
  • People who are in the hospital long-term (more than 6 months)
  • People residing in Support Facilities for the Disabled, Special Nursing Homes for the Elderly, Nursing Care Insurance Facilities, etc.

Only one checkup is allowed per person per year. Fiscal year refers to the period from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.

National Health Insurance Office, Accounting SectionTEL: 03-3463-1768

Medical Checkup for the Elderly (75 years of age and older) 

We offer health checkups for people over 75 years old who are enrolled in the Late-Stage Senior Citizen’s Health Care System. These are free medical examinations.

You will receive a coupon from the Public Health Center when the examination is available. The time of year when you can receive this service varies depending on your birth month. Please make sure you don’t forget to visit us.

Residents who have moved to Shibuya Ward in the middle of the fiscal year can apply for this service only if they wish to do so. However, they must not have had a similar health checkup at their previous address.

Note: People residing in a care facility are not eligible for this service.

National Health Insurance Office, Medical Care for the Elderly SectionTEL: 03-3463-1897

Aggregated-Contract Special Health Checkup 

 All insured residents other than those listed above

Please contact your health insurance association for more information.

For more information on medical institutions and implementation schedule, please see the Shibuya Ward website (in Japanese).

You can also find out more by using the Medical Institution Search.

Screening Items

National Health Insurance checkupSpecial health checkupMedical checkup for the elderly
History taking and examination
Physical measurements
Blood pressure reading
Blood test
Chest scan◯※1◯※1
Eyeground photograph×◯※1◯※1
Screening Item Chart

※1 Items to be performed at the physician’s discretion
*For people 65 years of age and older, chest X-rays are required by law for tuberculosis (TB) screening as part of the Special Health Checkup.

Adult Immunization

Both influenza and pneumococcus are common causes of pneumonia in the elderly. To prevent them, get vaccinated.
Due to the spread of COVID-19 this year, we encourage everyone to get a flu shot, including people who have to pay for it out of pocket.

1. Seasonal influenza vaccination

Try to get your flu shot every year before the fall-winter outbreak.

 Seniors over 65 years of age:Publicly funded, fully covered in Shibuya Ward
 People between 16 and 65 years old:Must cover the cost of vaccination themselves

2. Pneumococcal vaccination for the elderly

The pneumococcal vaccine is publicly funded and available as a single dose, mainly for seniors over 65 years of age.

For more information on publicly funded vaccinations, please see the Shibuya Ward website (in Japanese).

3. Adult rubella blood test and rubella vaccination

Rubella can cause congenital rubella syndrome in the newborn baby if a pregnant woman is infected.
A Rubella blood test for men who did not receive booster immunization in the past is available. Also, a fully-covered vaccination for those with low antibody titers is available.

For more information, please see the Shibuya Ward website (in Japanese).

4. Other vaccinations

Vaccinations against varicella, measles, DT, tetanus, shingles, etc. are all out-of-pocket expenses.

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