Our Initiatives

Shibuya Medical Association (SMA) was established in 1948 and has a long tradition of producing individuals who serve as presidents of the Tokyo Medical Association and Japan Medical Association. We currently have about 530 members.

In accordance with the objectives set forth in our articles of incorporation, and through mutual cooperation and collaboration, we are committed to improving public health and promoting medical knowledge to protect the health of our community. We are also committed to acquiring new knowledge and advanced medical skills for the benefit of all those who need medical care. We engage in projects and activities that also contribute to the promotion of welfare.

We offer a wide range of services, including cancer screening, special health checkups, holiday and nighttime medical care, vaccinations, school physicians, nursery school physicians, and child center physicians, and other health and medical services to protect the health of residents. We also provide nursing and welfare services through community comprehensive support centers, home care consultation services, and in-home nursing care support offices. In addition, we offer managing physician and care physician services at senior citizen facilities, industrial health services for corporate workers, and health promotion services at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. This year, we have been working on various initiatives to combat novel coronavirus infections, including the operation of a PCR-test facility and the Shibuya Ward Community Outpatient and Testing Center.

To implement these projects, we are cooperating fully with administrative agencies and related organizations, including the Shibuya Ward government, and will strive to further strengthen our collaboration in the future. This year’s biggest challenge, the response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, requires the entire district and the entire city to take action. SMA will continue to exchange and share information not only with other medical associations in the ward, but also through partnership with neighboring medical associations and the Tokyo Medical Association. Please come back and check our website for more information on our future efforts.

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