Our Mission

The Shibuya Medical Association strives to do the following: to elevate the medical profession, to promote medical science, to develop and spread medical care, and to contribute to the improvement of public health and the welfare of the community through the cooperation and collaboration of its members.

To this end, we are engaged in the following types of activities and projects:

  1. The promotion of medical science and medical education
  2. Public health and environmental hygiene
  3. Community medical care and welfare
  4. School health
  5. Social insurance medical care
  6. Improvement and rationalization of medical care management
  7. Publication of the association’s newsletter and other public relations activities
  8. Education and training of nurses and other healthcare professionals
  9. Operation of the Shibuya Medical Association Community Health Center Sakuragaoka Clinic
  10. Mutual aid and welfare of Association members
  11. Additional projects that are necessary to achieve the objectives of the Association
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