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Shibuya Medical Association engages actively in home medical care aiming to establish a community comprehensive care system. We hope our ward residents can receive high quality medical and nursing care in their own homes without stress. To this end, we work closely with the Shibuya Ward government, dental and pharmacists’ associations, and a variety of other professionals providing home medical and nursing care services. For inquiries about medical institutions that provide home medical care, visiting nursing stations and nursing care offices near you, or for general questions about home medical care, please contact the Shibuya Ward Home Medical Care Consultation Desk.

Home Medical Care Consultation Desk in Shibuya Ward

Shibuya Medical Association operates a consultation service for home medical care in Shibuya Ward.

Professional consultants such as public health nurses, nurses, social workers, and care support specialists are always on hand to help you with your care needs. We offer consultation on various issues related to home medical and nursing care, hospital discharge and transfer support, and others in cooperation with the Community Comprehensive Support Center and care managers.

Home Medical Care Consultation Desk


Shibuya Cultural Center Owada, 1F
23-21 Sakuragaokacho

Contact Information

EmailPlease fill in our Consultation Form (In Japanese)
Visit usCome directly at the address above
We visit youAt home or at a medical institution

Operating hours

Operating from Monday to Friday
(Off days) Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays (except for the Respect of Aged Day), year end
from 9:00 until 19:00

(Examples of inquiries)

✿Going to the hospital has become difficult. I would like a referral to a family physician in my neighborhood.

✿I am bedridden and need to find a visiting doctor or eye doctor.

✿I don’t have a family physician, and I need to find a doctor who can write a doctor’s opinion for my long-term care insurance application.

✿I was admitted to a hospital outside the ward, but I want to transfer to a hospital in Shibuya Ward where my relatives live.

✿I am in the final stages of cancer and want to spend my last days at home. I need a comprehensive home care system, including visiting doctors and home nursing services available 24 hours a day.

Information on the Community Comprehensive Support Center

If you are in need of nursing care or support, need access to long-term care insurance, general counseling services, or advice on elder abuse, please contact your local Community Comprehensive Support Center. There are eleven Community Comprehensive Support Centers in Shibuya Ward. Shibuya Medical Association operates the Higashi Health Plaza Community Comprehensive Support Center and the Omukai Community Comprehensive Support Center.

Click here for a list of all Community Comprehensive Support Centers

Shibuya Medical Association Multi-Professional Cooperation Network (ICT Network Project)

Shibuya Medical Association has established the “Shibuya Medical Association Multi-Professional Cooperation Network” with a dedicated network system. This is a dedicated network system with enhanced security that allows information on home medical and nursing care to be shared quickly between several professionals. If you are a patient of a member of the Shibuya Medical Association, you can use the network, so please contact the Medical Association Secretariat if you wish to do so.

Shibuya Medical Association Administration OfficeTEL: 03-3462-2200

Home Care and Support Services for Patients with Intractable Diseases

For patients with intractable diseases who are bedridden or otherwise unable to go to the hospital, a team of medical professionals led by specialists and a home care physician provide home medical care. For more information, please contact the Shibuya Ward Home Medical Care Consultation Desk.

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