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What are Local Occupational Health Centers? 

Under the Industrial Safety and Health Law, workplaces that employ 50 or more workers regularly must appoint an occupational physician to conduct health management. However, workplaces with fewer than 50 workers (hereinafter referred to as “small-scale workplaces”) are not required to appoint an occupational physician. To ensure that small-scale workplaces can also receive a wide range of industrial health services, at the request of the national government, the Japan Organization of Occupational Health and Safety (JOHAS), an independent administrative agency, has established local industrial health centers at each Labor Standards Inspection Office (branch office) in Tokyo to serve as local contact points for the Tokyo Occupational Health Support Center. 

Western Tokyo Local Occupational Health Center

Shibuya Medical Association, as the main operator of the Center, provides the following occupational health services free of charge to small-scale workplaces in the ward and their employees.

  1. Consultation on health management for workers
  2. Hearing a doctor’s opinion based on the results of a medical examination
  3. Consultation for employees working overtime
  4. Consultation for high-stress individuals after the completion of the stress check
  5. Provision of information and consultation on other occupational health-related issues

※The number of times you can use the service is limited.
Up to two times per workplace and two times per employee in a fiscal year
※Please note that medical treatment is not available.
※The contents of the consultation are kept strictly confidential.

How to apply for the service (Occupational physician consultations)

Use the inquiry form below (telephone applications are also accepted) to contact us and we will send you an application form. The date and time of the consultation / interview will be announced after the application is processed.

Contact Information

Western Tokyo Local Occupational Health Center(within Shibuya Medical Association)

Shibuya Cultural Center Owada, 9F
23-21 Sakuragaokacho
Shibuya City, Tokyo

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TEL: 03-3462-2200
FAX: 03-3462-2017
Operated on weekdays from 10:00 until 16:00

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