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Infectious Diseases Information

COVID-19 Shibuya Medical Association response to the COVID-19 pandemic (September 2020) Information and Resources on COVID-19 General Information You can find the latest updates on infectious diseases on the Tokyo Metropolitan Infectious Diseases Surveillance Center website (external link).

Night & Holiday Consultation

If you are experiencing fever or cold symptoms, please call us in advance to schedule a consultation.We do not conduct blood tests, x-rays or intravenous treatments as in the past.Please note that our clinic does not offer testing for COVID-19, phone or online medical treatment (telemedicine).In addition, as a rule, we do not offer rapid […]

Shibuya Cancer Screening

Shibuya Medical Association provides the following cancer screening services on behalf of the ward.Eligibility is limited to residents of Shibuya Ward as of the date of the examination. Please check the age range for each type of cancer screening as the eligible age varies. Table of Contents Gastric Cancer Screening Lung Cancer Screening Colon Cancer […]

Adult Health Check & Immunization

Table of Contents Adult Health Check Free medical checkup covered by National Health Insurance  Shibuya Ward Special Health Examination  Medical Checkup for the Elderly (75 years of age and older)  Aggregated-Contract Special Health Checkup  Screening Items Adult Immunization Seasonal influenza vaccination Pneumococcal vaccination for the elderly Adult rubella blood test and rubella vaccination Other vaccinations […]

Children Health Check & Immunization

Table of Contents Children’s Health Check Children’s Immunization Routine and Voluntary Vaccinations Vaccine Information (Japanese Society of Pediatrics) Cervical Cancer Prevention Vaccine (HPV vaccine) Children’s Health Check Infant health checks are designed to maintain and improve the health of children by checking their nutritional status and growth on a regular basis. If you have any […]

Home Medical and Nursing Care

Home Medical Care Information Shibuya Medical Association engages actively in home medical care aiming to establish a community comprehensive care system. We hope our ward residents can receive high quality medical and nursing care in their own homes without stress. To this end, we work closely with the Shibuya Ward government, dental and pharmacists’ associations, […]

Dementia Support

Table of Contents Primary Care Dementia PhysiciansAbout the Shibuya Ward Dementia Consultation ProjectTokyo Metropolitan Community Collaborative Medical Center for Dementia Dementia At our Shibuya Medical Association, primary care dementia physicians are available to give appropriate advice to people who are concerned about dementia or suffering from dementia. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Community Comprehensive Support […]

Occupational Physicians

Occupational Health Information What are Local Occupational Health Centers?  Under the Industrial Safety and Health Law, workplaces that employ 50 or more workers regularly must appoint an occupational physician to conduct health management. However, workplaces with fewer than 50 workers (hereinafter referred to as “small-scale workplaces”) are not required to appoint an occupational physician. To […]

Sports Physicians

Sports Physicians (Health and Fitness Assessment) Shibuya Medical Association dispatches sports physicians, and in cooperation with the Tokyo Sport Benefits Corporation, sports physiologists and nutritionists and other sport physiology specialists provide medical and scientific advice to people who have applied for physical fitness testing. This includes endurance testing, general physical fitness advice, prevention and improvement […]

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