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Greetings from the Chairperson

Thank you for visiting Shibuya Medical Association’s (SMA) website!  This site was recently renewed. In renewing the website, we aimed to make it user-friendly for all ward residents, and to link it to Shibuya City’s website thus making it more accessible to a diverse population. Most of all, we wanted our members to be able […]


Our Mission

The Shibuya Medical Association strives to do the following: to elevate the medical profession, to promote medical science, to develop and spread medical care, and to contribute to the improvement of public health and the welfare of the community through the cooperation and collaboration of its members. To this end, we are engaged in the […]

Our Initiatives

Shibuya Medical Association (SMA) was established in 1948 and has a long tradition of producing individuals who serve as presidents of the Tokyo Medical Association and Japan Medical Association. We currently have about 530 members. In accordance with the objectives set forth in our articles of incorporation, and through mutual cooperation and collaboration, we are […]

What is a family physician?

A Family physician is a close and reliable doctor with whom you can talk about all matters concerning your health; a physician who can refer you to specialized medical facilities, if necessary. Family physicians will refer you to appropriate medical institutions when you need to be hospitalized, have advanced medical testing, or need to consult […]

Disaster Control Measures

Shibuya Medical Association, in cooperation with the Shibuya Ward government, prepares and operates various disaster response programs. In Shibuya Ward, practical measures for emergency medical services in times of disaster have been established by the Shibuya City administration with the participation of the police and fire department. The probability of a M7-class earthquake with the […]

Our Locations

We operate at the following locations. Shibuya Medical Association (General Incorporated Association)〒150-0031Shibuya Cultural Center Owada 9F23-21 SakuragaokachōShibuya City, Tokyo 150-0031TEL: 03-3462-2200 FAX: 03-3462-2017 Ward Residents Health Center Sakuragaoka Medical Office (Diagnostics and treatments)Shibuya Cultural Center Owada 1FTEL: 03-3464-3478 FAX: 03-3476-7328 Ward Residents Health Center Sakuragaoka Medical Office (Checkups)Shibuya Cultural Center Owada 1FTEL: 03-3464-3721(for reservations)TEL: 03-3464-3722(for other information)FAX: 03-3476-7327 Ward Residents Medical Information CounterShibuya Cultural […]

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