Shibuya Medical Association response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Since February, when the spread of COVID-19 began in Japan, Shibuya Medical Association (SMA) has been in contact with the ward government, public health centers, the Japanese Red Cross Society Medical Center, Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital, JR Tokyo General Hospital, and Tokai University Tokyo Hospital, and has held a total of four medical coordination meetings between March and August. Through these meetings, we are monitoring a system that ensures that patients suspected of being infected with COVID-19 can reach the local base hospital easily.

On April 28, we launched the PCR-test facility, run by member physicians under the management of the SMA. From July 16, PCR tests are performed on patients referred by the public health centers and by medical institutions in the ward, in the form of a Local Outpatient and Testing Center – a ward commissioned project. During this time, we have also offered support for cases occurring in medical institutions in the ward and have responded to cluster infections in facilities for people with disabilities.

In response to the nationwide shortage of medical supplies, we have distributed masks saved for use in the event of a disaster, and have provided face shields and disinfectant, donated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and others, to medical institutions in the ward.

In addition, we have dispatched doctors to hotels in Tokyo designated for people with minor symptoms, and we have organized and assisted in the operation of PCR testing facilities using saliva.

SMA will continue its efforts to ensure the health, safety and security of all ward residents and will cooperate with the ward administration, public health centers and base hospitals to combat the novel coronavirus infection.

September 2020, Shibuya Medical Association

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